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Partners & Coalitions

PAN partners

Working in partnership is a core value of PAN's global network.

To get the job done, we share information and expertise and build alliances that engage communities, protect our health and restore our ecosystems. We work together to reduce reliance on toxic chemicals, promote food democracy and move toward a healthy, resilient system of food and farming for all. Below is a partial list of the active partners and coalitions PAN is working with today.

DDT protestCalifornia Climate & Agriculture Network: Advances policy solutions at the nexus of climate change and sustainable agriculture.

Californians for Pesticide Reform: Works to improve and protect public health, sustainable agriculture, and environmental quality by building a movement across California that strengthens statewide pesticide policies and practices.

Domestic Fair Trade Association:  Works to promote and protect the integrity of Domestic Fair Trade Principles through education, marketing, advocacy and endorsements.

International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal: Brings pressure on Union Carbide's owner Dow Chemical and the U.S. and Indian governments to ensure adequate healthcare, a safe environment and proper rehabilitation for the survivors of the 1984 Bhopal disaster and their children.

International POPs Elimination Network: A global network of more than 700 organizations supporting a common platform for the global elimination of persistent organic pollutants.

National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns: Educates the public, retailers, landscapers and policy makers about the hazards of lawn chemicals and the viability of safe alternatives.

National Family Farm Coalition: Represents family farm and rural groups working toward a sustainable, economically just, healthy, safe and secure food and farming system.

National Pesticide Reform Coalition: A coalition of 20 non-profit groups coordinating efforts to track, improve and strengthen EPA's pesticide registration process and jointly monitor pesticide regulations to ensure better protection of people, animals and the environment.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition: A national alliance of family farm, food, conservation, rural and urban organizations that take common positions on federal agriculture and food policies.

Rotterdam Convention Alliance: Brings together environmental, labor and health organizations around the world working to promote the effective implementation of the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent.

US Food Sovereignty Alliance: Composed of food justice, anti-hunger, labor, environmental and faith-based groups working to end poverty, rebuild local food economies, and assert democratic control over the food system.

Women, Food & Agriculture Network: Works to support women farmers, researchers, students, advocates and mothers to be effective practioners and supporters of sustainable agriculture and healthy localized food systems.