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PAN Staff

The staff of PAN North America includes scientists, campaigners, writers, interns and support specialists. Learn a little about some of the people behind PAN’s work.

Our team

Web Producer

Andrew originally joined PAN in 2009. Previously, he spent five years as the Public Affairs... Read bio

Staff Accountant & Desktop Publisher

From 1990 to 1993, Brenda volunteered full-time with Brethren Volunteer Service, working two... Read bio

Information Technology Manager

Clint had over 20 years experience as a network technician, webmaster and consultant,... Read bio

Organizer and Partners Program Coordinator

Devika grew up on a small farm in Northern India where her parents continue to grow most of... Read bio

Staff Scientist

Emily began studying reptiles as an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley,... Read bio

Communications Associate

Johnnae joined PAN in 2013 with more than five years of communications and outreach experience.... Read bio

Executive Director

Judy joined PAN in June 2012. Since 1981, she has worked as a grant maker, a program manager, a... Read bio

Program & Policy Director

Before joining PAN in 1996, Kristin worked for the World Resources Institute’s Sustainable... Read bio

Office Manager

Leticia was born, raised and graduated from high school in Mexico, moving to San Francisco in... Read bio


Lex joined PAN as Organizer in the summer of 2013. He comes to PAN with experience in multiple... Read bio

Midwest Director of Organizing

Linda joined PAN in winter 2011, bringing nearly a decade of organizing experience with... Read bio

Senior Scientist

Marcia Ishii-Eiteman is a senior scientist and director of the Grassroots Science Program at PAN... Read bio

Senior Scientist

Before joining PAN in 1996, Margaret spent most of nine years in Central America, teaching and... Read bio

Campaign Coordinator

Medha has 16 years experience in urban design, environmental protection, international... Read bio

Institutional Giving Manager

Mona joined PAN in 2015 after 15 years working in both the field and on policy at the... Read bio

Development Assistant

Myla first joined PAN as a Development intern in February 2015 and was hired as Development... Read bio

Organizing & Media Director

Paul joined PAN in summer 2011 bringing more than eight years experience in community organizing... Read bio

Communications Director

Before joining PAN in 2011, Sara spent four years working with a public opinion research firm... Read bio

Chief Financial Officer

From 1969 to 1985, Steve taught and served as a dean at Ohio Wesleyan University and John F.... Read bio

Past Interns

Development Intern

Nikta interned in the Development department at PANNA from December 2012-April 2013. “Working at PAN was my first experience in a ‘real’ office, and I really enjoyed all that I learned both about nonprofit fundraising and about PAN's program work, which prepared me for where I am today.”

Today, Nikta works at Prevention Institute, where she supports their work in improving access to healthy eating and physical activity to create healthier and more equitable communities.


Janice Bae
Agroecology Intern
UC Berkeley

Janice interned with PAN September 2014-May 2015 and worked on our agroecology and chlorpyrifos campaigns. She graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in conservation and research studies with a concentration in environmental health and agroecology. Her interest in these subjects brought her to PAN and we're excited to see where they take her next.


Cole Christensen
Communications Intern
University of San Francisco

Cole was born and raised in Iowa. At age 16, he moved to California to finish his education, earning his Bachelor’s in Advertising from the University of San Francisco. His experience includes assisting the Public Relations and Social Media Department at Irvine Valley College to increase their online and social media for students and assisting with social media management for an up-and-coming San Francisco-based gaming company. Cole joined PAN in 2016 as an intern, helping PAN strengthen online presence through social media and digital content.


Alicia GaitanAlicia Gaitan
Summer Fellow

EAlicia is a rising sophomore at Kalamazoo College, where she is pursuing Anthropology & Sociology majors. She has been a long-time participant in Girls, Inc. and is now involved in a host of social justice issues on her campus through MECha de Kzoo and the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. She has worked to organize spaces for students of color on campus, and participated in actions for the 43 missing Ayotzinapa students and for Black Lives Matter. She is also involved with Hermanas Unidas de Kzoo, Women of Color Alliance, and NaKed Music and Culture Magazine. Alicia is proficient in Spanish.


Emily HardenEmily Harden
Human Rights Intern

Emily Harden was a Human Rights Intern at PAN from June of 2013 until May of 2014.  As an MA student studying Human Rights Education at the University of San Francisco, Emily came to PAN with a strong interest in both corporate accountability and the intersection of human rights and environmental rights.  While at PAN, she researched points of leverage to hold agrichemical corporations accountable for human rights violations in the United States.  In addition, Emily worked with colleagues at PAN and Dr. Thomas Kerns of the Environment and Human Rights Advisory in Yachats, Oregon to develop a Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA/P) that would raise public awareness of the relationship between pesticide exposure and human rights.  

Today, Emily works full-time as an IRB Coordinator at the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects at UC Berkeley.


Olivier HirschlerOlivier Hirschler
Agroecology Intern
Agricultural Development from AgroParis Tech

Olivier interned full-tiime in PAN's Grassroots Science program from April through November 2014, bringing a degree in Agricultural Development from AgroParis Tech. During his studies, he specialized in agroecology and participated in research on biological control at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2013, he studied a region of Guadeloupe, where the past use of the organophosphate pesticide chlordecone has had long-term effects on people's health, the economy, and the environment. Today, Olivier works with Plan Ecophyto, the French action plan to cut the nationwide use of pesticides by 50% in the space of ten years.


Olivier HirschlerShahira Idris

Shira is a rising senior at Vassar College, majoring in Science, Technology and Society, a multidisciplinary field that focuses on the technical and social dimensions of science and technology. She is also working towards a minor in Computer Science. Shira recently studied abroad in Vietnam, Morocco and Bolivia in the fall of 2014, under a program that focused on climate change, environmental policy, and economic development. Shira hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines.


Dawna KnappDawna Knapp
Organizing Intern

Dawna interned at PANNA from July of 2011 to July of 2012. She worked on our multi-year, high-profile campaign to protect public health by eliminating methyl iodide from US agriculture. With Dawna’s leadership, the Safe Strawberries campaign employed creative tactics including a “mock fumigation” on the streets of San Francisco as well as on the steps of the State Capitol building; met with key decisionmakers and legislators; and was eventually successful in forcing this toxic fumigant off the market. 

Today, Dawna works on the Local Entities Outreach Systems team at the Sierra Club in San Francisco.


Tia LebherzTia Lebherz
Organizing Intern
UC Santa Cruz

After graduating from University of California, Santa Cruz with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, Tia launched her organizing career as an intern at PANNA working as the Executive Assistant and Campaigns Assistant on the Safe Strawberries Campaign. After an action-packed 11 months at PAN, Tia went on to successfully complete Green Corps, the Field School for Environmental Organizing. During her time there she worked extensively in the Midwest, organizing on campaigns for clean energy and fair food.

Today, Tia is the Northern California Organizer for Food & Water Watch. Based in Oakland, she works to engage activists and hold elected officials accountable on a range of issues across the region including fracking, water privatization, and food issues including factory farms and genetic engineering.


Research Intern

Starlyn interned at PANNA in the summer of 2010. During her time here, she worked on an environmental justice report examining the racial and socio-economic implications of using methyl iodide as a soil fumigant in California. Upon examining the areas of use in the state of California, a disturbing pattern became evident: the heaviest usage of methyl iodide would be concentrated in areas with heavier percentages of minorities. Starlyn also contributed to the development of an organic foods pledge for local stores and merchants. 

Today, Starlyn is working towards her Masters in Natural Resources and plans to continue working towards all forms of environmental equity.


Elise Tam Cassandra Solis
Summer Fellow

Cassandra is a rising senior at Kalamazoo College, where she will be finishing her English and Ethnic Studies majors along with her minor in Anthropology/Sociology. Cassandra has gained a magnitude of experience through social justice work on campus, as well as off-campus.  Her focus has been aimed at the retention of students of color at Kalamazoo College through actions in demand of an Ethnic Studies program to the implementation of an Intercultural Center. She plans on pursuing a law degree and work on civil rights law to protect communities of color, especially undocumented workers. Cassandra is from Chicago, IL and is proficient in Spanish.



Elise Tam Elise Tam
Development Intern UC Berkeley

Elise is a student at University of California, Berkeley studying Cognitive Science. She had previously worked as a research assistant for the organization called The Living New Deal, which aims to preserve New Deal art and architecture. Later, Elise wanted more experience with nonprofits and joined PAN as a Development Intern during the summer before her fourth year at UC Berkeley.




Mikenna WolffMikenna Wolff
Organizing Intern
University of Denver

Mikenna joined PAN in 2014 as an organizing intern after graduating from the University of Denver. She studied ecology throughout school with a particular interest in plant-insect interactions.